Sherry Feeser – 2017 United Way of Adams County Education Advocacy Award Winner

Congratulations to Sherry Feeser, our Children’s Services Coordinator, on this very special award from the United Way of Adams County.

The Winning Nomination:

Have any of you been fortunate or maybe I should say unfortunate enough to work in a group/partner project? Possibly in school, college, a volunteer opportunity, or your job?  Partnering to complete a task can be stressful. Some individuals may hear their employer or teacher say “this will be a group project”, and they are overcome with an instant rush of unpleasant thoughts. You may think will we accomplish the task, can we truly share the work responsibilities, and can I rely on this person to follow through with their commitment to the project, will this project make a difference?

Well, if those uncertainties are in your mind right now I know you have never teamed up with tonight’s 2017 Education Award recipient, Sherry Feeser, Children’s Librarian at the Jean Barnett Trone Memorial Library in East Berlin. As a wife, mother of 4, soccer, softball, and basketball mom, Sunday school teacher, active PTO member, librarian, and crafter she still has time to take on another community project with a colleague because she sees a need. Sherry always willing to help friends, family, and community.  I have called her to schedule an event or meeting and her respond is never “no” but usually she will say “Let me check my calendar, I can squeeze that in, don’t worry.”

Our first attempt at teamwork was a community outreach program “Never too Young to Read”. Never too Young to Read is a 1 hour workshop designed to empower parents. The workshop consist of sharing information, modeling reading strategies, and stressing the benefits of reading to their young child.  Each parent leaves with a children’s book, backpack, educational game, and Adams County Library card. To date we have conducted 12 parent workshops at various locations in the county such as SCCAP/work ready program, Non Violent Intervention Services (NOVIS), SCCAP homeless shelter, and several community food banks. That was our first endeavor together.

Were we successful? Yes! Sherry’s love of books, the library, and calm friendly personality has influenced many parents. I know this be true when a first time visit occurred at the library.  Father and his daughter, we spoke with, had spoken to a few weeks before at a NOVIS meeting.

That project went extremely well, and I know Sherry really needed something else to add to her schedule. One day she called me with a great idea! So we have leaped into another imitative titled Reaching Home, Sherry and I will be going into the Adams County Prison working with incarnated parents. In 3 sessions we will discuss children’s literacy, make audio recordings of the parent reading a children’s book, then mailing home the book and recording so the child can listen to their parent’s voice reading them a story while in prison.

Now let’s go back to the questions we thought about earlier regarding a partner project.

Sherry Feeser:

Commitment to the project-yes

Supported you partner through the project-yes

Has the task been accomplished-yes

Did we make a difference-absolutely

Sherry with your heart felt support of Adams County families, Ready to Learn and the mission of the United Way you share your time, your expertise and your passion. You inspire us and the people around you. And this community is better because of you. Thanks to you, were creating opportunities for a good life for all.

And so Sherry, the United Way and Read to Learn salute you and present you with the 2017 Education Award.

Diana Fasnacht

Director, Ready to Learn

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